You invest a tremendous amount of money in your employee benefits program. This investment, without an emphasis on proper employee education, is drastically lowering your return on this investment. Ask yourself the following questions:

  • Do your employees know exactly what benefits are available?
  • Do your employees understand how to get the most out of each benefit provided?
  • Do they understand and appreciate how much the organization is investing on their behalf towards their benefits?
  • Do employees know how to use their company benefits in such a way that benefits not only themselves, but the organization as a whole? For example…do they understand the advantages and disadvantages between primary care providers, specialists, walk-in clinics, urgent care clinics, and emergency rooms?
  • Are all of your benefits materials distributed in an easy to understand format and available throughout the plan year both on paper and electronically?

By using VISICOR as your employee benefits partner, you will answer YES to all of these questions and much more! Insurance is complicated. It is our job to educate your entire employee population on the benefits package so they have a clear understanding of what they have, how to use the benefits provided, and a solid appreciation for how much the organization is investing into a quality employee benefits package.

Every organization is different, therefore every employee communication strategy must be customized. At VISICOR, we handle the benefits communication and open enrollment process from “A-Z.” Here are some of the exclusive employee benefits services provided by the VISICOR team:


  • VISICOR will educate all management team members on all available benefits
  • Custom pre-enrollment communication pieces are designed and distributed by VISICOR
  • Custom employee benefits presentation is developed by the VISICOR team
  • As a service to our clients, we have exclusively partnered with JellyVision on a revolutionary product called “Alex” that educates employees and allows them to choose the benefits that fit their unique needs before attending their open enrollment. This interactive software is a game changer for employees, specifically those not capable of attending an onsite benefits meeting, and will increase the understanding, appreciation and utilization of the group benefits in which employers invest.

Communication Meetings

  • VISICOR will host all onsite employee communication meetings in a very clear and concise manner (all presentations are delivered by one of the VISICOR executives)
  • If needed, the employee presentation can be distributed on a DVD and/or made available on the web for those employees that are unable to attend meetings

Enrollment Materials

  • Each employee receives a copy of the custom employee benefits booklet designed specifically for your organization
  • All employees can be enrolled via the VISICOR online enrollment system through self-enrollment or with the assistance of the VISICOR enrollment coordinators
  • Each employee will receive a personalized salary and benefits statement showing their “hidden paycheck”

Post Enrollment

  • All employees will receive a post enrollment newsletter giving them specific information on how to access benefits and services prior to the distribution of membership identification cards
  • The VISICOR team will manage all issues relating to the distribution of identification cards, system implementation, deductible carry over procedures, prior carrier notifications, etc.

At the conclusion of the VISICOR benefits communication process, your employees will have a thorough understanding of your benefits package and a very high level of appreciation for what is provided by the organization. The VISICOR team will take the complicated open enrollment process and make it simple, but don’t take our word for it, talk to our clients!

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