Managing employee benefits is one of the critical operations within a healthy business, but can be costly and time-consuming.

Many Houston businesses look to expert partners to assist in managing the complex and time-consuming tasks associated with benefits administration. A qualified benefits consultant can not only streamline the benefits process, but can assist business owners in securing the greatest value for their benefits dollars, and provide quality service to their employees.

If you’re a Houston business owner looking for the best benefits partner, consider VISICOR.

Why consider adding VISICOR to your team?

We put your needs first. We begin by understanding your company’s goals and objectives, factoring in critical considerations, such as budget, past experience, employee population and the overall culture of your organization.

We offer a customized approach. There’s no one-size-fits-all approach when it comes to benefits. Every company has its own culture, therefore its own needs. We’ll conduct a thorough review and analysis of your existing plans and check everything against your goals and objectives. We’ll keep what works, and change what doesn’t.

We create customized solutions. Based on your company’s goals and needs, VISICOR will submit a custom proposal, which includes a comparison of your existing plans and services with any recommended plans, complete with a detailed cost analysis. This custom proposal tool was developed exclusively for VISICOR by our own technology team.

At VISICOR, we take your trust seriously. That’s why, prior to any discussions or negotiations, we offer full disclosure, letting you know up front what you’ll pay for our services, allowing you to make an informed decision about your investment.  In fact, our normal fee structure matches what you are currently paying to your existing broker/consultant.

The VISICOR team is committed to exceeding your expectations as a trusted partner, and providing you the best value for your investment dollars.

We’re ready to go to work for you, so call us today at (281) 824-3124, or toll-free at (855) 521-3848. You can also use our contact form to let us know how we can help you.