Benefits Solutions for Houston Private SchoolsPrivate schools, like many businesses, regularly do the delicate dance of maintaining tight controls on operating costs while, at the same time, striving to attract and retain top talent. It’s safe to say that staffing is critical to the quality and credibility of a private school.

Keeping quality educators means having an attractive work environment – a pleasant, friendly culture, good management, and benefit options for employees. Maintaining a positive work environment while controlling costs often means school staff members wear a lot of hats. Therefore, most private schools don’t have the luxury of a dedicated employee to manage the heavy workload of benefits administration. The day-to-day tasks of payroll, hiring, and management are enough to keep a human resources staff occupied, but changes in health care benefits will now add a new layer of complexity to the benefits administration landscape. The paperwork and red tape alone that will be required by the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA) will be a new source of headaches for benefits administrators.

2012 is the deadline for explaining health plan benefits to enrollees in specific mandated language.

2013 will bring flexible spending account limits, an increase in the Medicare payroll tax, and the employer requirement to begin reporting the value of health plans on employee W-2s for informational purposes.

More changes take effect in 2014, including penalties for companies with 50 or more employees that fail to offer coverage.

Clearly, PPACA alone will dramatically increase the workload for HR staff.

VISICOR has the perfect solution for private schools in Houston. VISICOR is a Houston-based full-service benefits brokerage and consulting firm, serving mid-size to large public and private organizations through Texas. VISICOR specializes in benefits administration, consulting, and communications, handling all aspects of employee benefits including new employee processing, employee change processing, terminations, claims assistance, and more.

Benefits outsourcing is a great value for smaller organizations like private schools, because specialized partners are able to increase efficiency and cut costs, giving school administrators the peace of mind that benefits are well managed and up-to-date, and that school employees are receiving quality customer service.

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