In light of high transportation costs, it’s as critical as ever for trucking companies to maintain tight controls over their cost of doing business.

VISICOR can help. We’re a Houston-based benefits brokerage and consulting firm representing both public and private firms through the State of Texas. VISICOR is in the business of helping businesses – like trucking companies – efficiently manage employee benefits, providing a good value to the company and a quality level of care to employees.

While we can’t offer relief from rising fuel prices, VISICOR can relieve you of the burden of employee benefits administration. We can manage all aspects of employee benefits: enrollment, change processing, termination processing, employee claims, billing management, and more.

VISICOR understands that not all businesses are created equal, so we offer proprietary solutions customized for each company’s unique needs. We begin with a thorough benefits consultation, to properly assess the needs of your business so that we can create a solution that’s right for you, giving you the most value for your money.

Benefits consulting is much more than running a few numbers through a spreadsheet. At VISICOR, we combine thorough analysis and a creative approach, combined with real market experience, to create a long-term benefits solution.

Unlike many other Houston benefits brokers, the first step in the VISICOR process is to fully disclose our fees and provide you with a written outline of your fee structure options. This disclosure allows you to make informed decisions that will yield the best return on your investment.

Following the fee structure analysis, we begin crafting a benefits plan customized to your needs. This process is done in five phases:

Phase One: Goals and Objectives. Here, we assess what’s working, what’s not, and what the needs are of your company and your employees.

Phase Two: Review and Analysis. This step helps us understand how to move forward and what changes are required to help you meet your goals.

Phase Three: Marketing and Negotiations. When necessary, VISICOR will represent your company within the market to obtain the best offers.

Phase Four: Custom Proposal and Detailed Analysis. Based on our work in Phases One through Three, we provide a detailed proposal , comparing your current plan to all recommended plans, including a detailed cost analysis. Our custom proposal is an exclusive VISICOR tool created by our in-house technology team.

Phase Five: Implementation. Once decisions are made and details in order, the VISICOR implementation team will go to work, handling the entire benefits implementation process.

Contact us today to learn how VISICOR is different! Call us at (281) 824-3124 in the Houston Metro area, or toll-free at (866) 584-8008. Or, use our convenient contact form to let us know how we can help you.