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Benefits Outsourcing Relieves the Burden for Many Companies

Human resources and benefits administration have always required a sizable investment of a company’s resources. And today, in an ever-changing landscape, the strain on mid-sized companies from the burden of benefits administration is growing even greater.

Changes in health care in recent years have added an additional layer of complexity to benefits administration, stretching already-thin company resources even further, and the challenges will only grow as more health care reform policies take effect in 2014.

What Lies Ahead

New provisions of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA), which was signed into law in 2009, will kick in for employers over the next two years, most of them taking effect in 2014. In 2013, changes in Medicare Part D retiree drug subsidy payments will change, along with new limits on Flexible Spending Accounts.  In 2014, the individual mandate kicks in, and companies with 50 or more employees will be subject to penalties for failing to offer coverage. Clearly, PPACA alone will dramatically increase the workload for human resources staff.

Many companies, particularly mid-sized businesses, are finding relief by outsourcing their benefits administration, and studies have shown that outsourcing not only saves money, but also provides a greater level of customer service to employees. This option allows human resources staff to focus on other critical functions, and helps companies operate more efficiently, stay current on all regulations, and control costs.

The Benefits of Outsourcing

A knowledgeable benefits administrator can handle ongoing and routine tasks such as

  • new employee benefits processing
  • change processing
  • termination benefits processing
  • employee claims assistance
  • billing reconciliation and management

Additionally, a benefits partner can manage new regulations and compliance, such as:

  • COBRA administration processing
  • Section 125 implementation, administration and compliance
  • HIPAA, Health Care Reform and ERISA notices
  • ERISA Form 5500 Annual Health & Welfare filing

Since these brokers specialize in benefits administration processing, they are typically able to provide a high level of service to companies at a lower cost than keeping in-house staff up-to-date and fully trained. The complexity of benefits administration often requires companies to dedicate one full-time employee that that area alone.

VISICOR is a full-service employee benefits brokerage and consulting firm located in Houston, serving mid-size to large public and private companies throughout Texas and specializing in benefits administration, benefits consulting, benefits communication, and human resources consulting.  More information about benefits administration outsourcing can be found on the VISICOR website at, or by calling 281-824-3124.


Benefits Solutions for Houston Private Schools

Benefits Solutions for Houston Private SchoolsPrivate schools, like many businesses, regularly do the delicate dance of maintaining tight controls on operating costs while, at the same time, striving to attract and retain top talent. It’s safe to say that staffing is critical to the quality and credibility of a private school.

Keeping quality educators means having an attractive work environment – a pleasant, friendly culture, good management, and benefit options for employees. Maintaining a positive work environment while controlling costs often means school staff members wear a lot of hats. Therefore, most private schools don’t have the luxury of a dedicated employee to manage the heavy workload of benefits administration. The day-to-day tasks of payroll, hiring, and management are enough to keep a human resources staff occupied, but changes in health care benefits will now add a new layer of complexity to the benefits administration landscape. The paperwork and red tape alone that will be required by the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA) will be a new source of headaches for benefits administrators.

2012 is the deadline for explaining health plan benefits to enrollees in specific mandated language.

2013 will bring flexible spending account limits, an increase in the Medicare payroll tax, and the employer requirement to begin reporting the value of health plans on employee W-2s for informational purposes.

More changes take effect in 2014, including penalties for companies with 50 or more employees that fail to offer coverage.

Clearly, PPACA alone will dramatically increase the workload for HR staff.

VISICOR has the perfect solution for private schools in Houston. VISICOR is a Houston-based full-service benefits brokerage and consulting firm, serving mid-size to large public and private organizations through Texas. VISICOR specializes in benefits administration, consulting, and communications, handling all aspects of employee benefits including new employee processing, employee change processing, terminations, claims assistance, and more.

Benefits outsourcing is a great value for smaller organizations like private schools, because specialized partners are able to increase efficiency and cut costs, giving school administrators the peace of mind that benefits are well managed and up-to-date, and that school employees are receiving quality customer service.

Read more about VISICOR’s solutions for private schools in Houston. For questions, call us at (281) 824-3124 or use our convenient contact form.

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The VISICOR team is a phenomenal resource for our organization. Their expertise and responsiveness to both individual inquiries and our school’s needs is simply first rate.” ─ B.M.; Head of School

We strongly recommend Visicor. Nowhere else will you find the professionalism and menu of unique and customized services provided by the Visicor team. With Visicor, you’re getting the best.” ─ S. B.; City Secretary

I’ve had the pleasure of working closely with Ed Oravetz and the VISICOR team for over five years now. In addition to helping us offer excellent benefits at a reasonable cost, the VISICOR staff has educated our employees so they fully understand their benefits and know how to use them effectively. They are always willing to assist employees with a difficult claim or any other problem. We have had tremendous positive feedback from our employees regarding VISICORs prompt, friendly and […]

The employee benefits consulting and analysis services provided by the VISICOR team provided the clarity and results needed by our benefits committee to make our 2011 benefits decisions. After months of confusion with a previous consultant, the VISICOR team delivered the results we were looking for and did so under very difficult timeline restrictions. I appreciate the professional and honest approach delivered by the VISICOR staff.” ─ H. W.; Human Resources / Risk Manager

Visicor offers services that we have not seen from previous brokers. The services they offer cuts the time we spend assisting our employees by more than half and provides added value directly to our employees.” ─ T. S.; Human Resources

I have worked with the VISICOR team through two open enrollment periods and a change in providers. Thanks to VISICOR and the information they provided to us and our employees we were able to make a smooth transition. Additionally, Ed and his team have always been available to answer questions regarding employee health insurance and to resolve any issues with our health insurance bills and claims quickly and efficiently.” ─ C. L.; Benefits Administrator

Visicor has been a tremendous help to us as we continually work to improve employee benefits. Our employees find the custom benefits booklets provided by Visicor as well as the open enrollment meetings very informative! Visicor has also been very helpful as the liaison between the insurance companies and employees throughout the plan year when issues arise.” ─ C. P.; HR Specialist

As Chief Financial Officer of Awty International School, my primary responsibility has been to balance the School’s operating budget in a time of deep economic distress in the United States and our parent constituency in Houston. That challenge has meant balancing reasonable tuition increases with certain operating cost categories where more than inflationary increases have occurred. Our health premiums are roughly 10% of our total operating costs, excluding depreciation and interest. Ed and Visicor have kept the increases to the […]

Employee benefits were so confusing for our employees before we teamed up with VISICOR and implemented their customized benefits booklets. Employees never understood their benefits, much less knowing what questions to ask. The Benefits booklets have streamlined our orientation process as well as our open enrollment process. They have empowered our current employees to learn about their benefits and how to use the benefits to their advantage.” ─ N. W.; Benefits Specialist

Early in September 2009, we found ourselves in a bind with our previous insurance broker/consultant. Our employee benefits renewal was October 1st so needless to say, we were in a panic. We advertised and held an open meeting giving several brokers the opportunity to speak and present their views to our committee members on what they could offer us. One consultant stood out the most. A vote was taken at the conclusion of the meeting and it was unanimous that […]

We have been a Visicor client for many years. The Visicor team is always so knowledgeable and willing to help my staff better understand and maximize their benefits. From benefits consulting to administration, they allow me to offer high-quality products to my employees that are affordable for everyone. We are Visicor customers for life!” ─ B. B.; Human Resources


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