The VISICOR eServices platform is a robust web based employee benefits administration and enrollment solution designed to streamline the benefits management process and reduce Human Resources labor costs. VISICOR eServices is a unique tool providing powerful results. This system will improve operational efficiency through automation and provides real solutions to common employee benefits enrollment and management issues.

How does it work?

  • Setup – The VISICOR team will build your customized platform that can be launched from the VISICOR website or linked directly from your organization’s Intranet/Internet site.  The administrator, typically VISICOR, will setup all of your personal plan options within the VISICOR eServices system and manage the importing of all required data.
  • Delivery – Delivered via an Internet browser, employees enter personal information and make their benefit enrollment elections electronically.  In addition to making enrollment elections, employees will have 24-hour access to their personal information so they can make address changes, qualifying event changes, view existing benefits, access plan information, etc.  All plan changes require verification by the system administrator so you are assured to stay in compliance.
  • Communication and Reporting – The system is setup to automatically communicate directly with any third party system such as insurance carriers, TPAs, payroll vendors, or corporate accounting systems.  A large number of standard reports and custom reporting options are available to both VISICOR as your consultant and your HR/Executive team.

VISICOR eServices Setup and Utilization Diagram

The bottom line is this:  Finding an online enrollment and benefits management system that delivers the services clients need in a user friendly format is either extremely difficult to find and/or manage, or is simply cost prohibitive.  The VISICOR eServices system was developed by benefit consultants as well as HR professionals and delivers results not found with other systems.

How do I get started?

First, contact us for a demonstration of this powerful system.  If you decide to implement this system within your organization, there are three different pricing models which can be explained during the demonstration.  All three pricing models make the system available at a cost far less than other systems available in the market.  Ask us for more details.