Unlike other products on the market, VISICOR eServices provides robust reporting capabilities.  The system has a wide variety of reports, data export capabilities, and an integrated report writer.  Below is a list of standard system reports.

Employee Census
Contains employees demographic data

Dependent Census
Contains dependent demographic data and relation to employee

Contains detailed information regarding any changes to employee records for a selected date span

COBRA Employee Status
Contains information on employees with a status of COBRA and the COBRA begin date, end date, and number of days remaining

Employee Eligibility
Contains information regarding the employees’ eligibility of benefit plans

Plan Enrollment
Contains employee benefit plan enrollment for a selected date span

Plan Summary
Contains information regarding benefit plan setup

Payroll Deduction
Contains payroll deduction amounts for selected employees

Consolidate Billing
Run a bill for selected plans and date span

Carrier Billing
Run a bill to a particular carrier for a selected date span

Billing Report History
Contains historical bills for previous billing periods

Imputed Income
Contains information regarding imputed income calculations for pre-tax group life plans that exceed a combined benefit of $50,000

Import/Export Validation
Contains information regarding previously run imports and exports

System Utilization
Contains information regarding user login activity

Forms Tracking
Contains a history of when forms were last generated by employees