Early in September 2009, we found ourselves in a bind with our previous insurance broker/consultant. Our employee benefits renewal was October 1st so needless to say, we were in a panic. We advertised and held an open meeting giving several brokers the opportunity to speak and present their views to our committee members on what they could offer us. One consultant stood out the most. A vote was taken at the conclusion of the meeting and it was unanimous that we select Visicor. The Visicor team was given an extreme challenge and a very tight deadline. Everything promised during the presentation was accomplished even though others considered it impossible. All was completed by the deadline, with little or no complications and the best part of all; Visicor negotiated a better rate than what we had previously been offered. The entire staff at Visicor is extremely efficient, professional, accessible, polite, and helpful beyond comparison. This is a tremendous blessing to both our administrative team and our valued employees.”

─ T. S.; Human Resources