As Chief Financial Officer of Awty International School, my primary responsibility has been to balance the School’s operating budget in a time of deep economic distress in the United States and our parent constituency in Houston. That challenge has meant balancing reasonable tuition increases with certain operating cost categories where more than inflationary increases have occurred. Our health premiums are roughly 10% of our total operating costs, excluding depreciation and interest. Ed and Visicor have kept the increases to the School at a minimum over the last five years. For four of the last five years, there have been no premium increases for our employees. Being able to hold the line on employee premiums has allowed the School to fund conservative salary increases and yet have employee morale remain at a high level. Ed has been a total advocate of the School’s efforts to minimize premium increases and has gone way beyond the extra mile in helping us get to our desired financial result. Any chance I have to talk up Ed and Visicor to other independent schools I avail myself of the opportunity because Ed’s track record is well documented with Awty.”

─ H. N.; Chief Financial Officer