The Cigna Level-Funding℠ Solution…
Innovative Funding + Proven Wellness Programs = Immediate Savings and Sustainable Cost Control.

As a Platinum Preferred Agency with Cigna, VISICOR is pleased to introduce an innovative self-funding solution – Cigna Level Funding℠- designed for companies with fewer than 250 employees.¹ This unique product offers the predictability and protection of fixed monthly payments and the detailed reports, plan design flexibility and sense of control available through self-funding.  At the end of the plan year, if actual claims are lower than predicted, companies receive a credit that may be used to pay future health plan costs.

The Cigna Level-Funding℠ solution lets companies:

  • Receive specific claims reports that show exactly how health plan money is being spent
  • Stop-loss policy limits that provide immediate reimbursement with no “gaps” in protection
  • Tailor a health plan to the coverage needs of your employees
  • Offer the same plan to all employees, even when they work in different states
  • Find fewer surprises at renewal because you see exactly how your health plan is performing
  • Receive onsite biometric screenings and one-on-one health coaching
  • Targeted chronic condition and disease management programs

Companies today are looking for long term solutions for their employees’ benefits.  By combining an innovative self-funding product with detailed reporting and client tailored plan design with personalized wellness programs, Cigna Level Funding℠ can deliver sustainable cost control.

For more information on this innovative solution and to see if it can help your organization achieve its health benefit objectives, contact us today!


Ed Oravetz


VISICOR – President / Senior Benefits Consultant
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1. Cigna offers group insurance coverage to employers with 51–250 employees, as well as administrative services for self insured plans. In most states, Cigna administers self-insured plans for employers with as few as 25 employees. InNew Hampshire,New York,North Carolina,OregonandUtah, Cigna offers self-insured plans only for employers with more than 50 employees.

All health plans and group insurance policies have exclusions and limitations. A complete list of both covered and non-covered services, including state-mandated benefits, are set forth in the applicable insurance certificate, group service agreement or group insurance policy.  “Cigna,” and the “Tree of Life” logo, are service marks, of Cigna Intellectual Property, Inc., licensed for use by Cigna Corporation and its operating subsidiaries. All products and services are provided exclusively by such operating subsidiaries and not by Cigna Corporation.  InTexas, Open Access Plus plans are considered Preferred Provider plans with certain managed care features; Health Savings Plans are considered Preferred Provider plans with certain managed care features with an attached Health Savings Account.

Group health plans are offered by the following Cigna companies:
Connecticut General Life Insurance Company
Cigna Health and Life Insurance Company