Starting in 2008 the VISICOR team began looking for an online enrollment and employee benefits administration system for our clients. Unfortunately, all of the platforms located were either too expensive for the client or they were just too complicated for the employee population. After more than two years of searching…problem solved!

Effective December 1, 2010, the VISICOR team will be introducing our new online enrollment and benefits administration system called VISICOR eServices. This new web based platform is affordable and provides powerful solutions for employer organizations with more than 50 employees. There are many unique features with this system that you will have to see to believe! Features such as your own personalized employee benefits website, electronic carrier/provider feeds (no more invoicing issues), 24-hour/365 day employee and employer access, robust reporting, and much more! This system will change the way you look at employee benefits enrollment and plan administration.

For more information, please visit or simply call us at 281.824.3124 to schedule a demonstration.

The VISICOR Technology Team