For the past 16+ years, the VISICOR team has been directly involved with the consulting, implementation, communication, and administration of voluntary employee benefits. As a general agency for LegalShield, Colonial Life, and more…we are your single source answer and provider of these valuable services.

Why offer voluntary benefits?

There are many advantages to offering your employees a menu of voluntary benefits. Regardless of your current insurance offering, voluntary benefits can play an important role within your company. Here are some advantages realized by our clients:

No Cost – That’s right, with the implementation of voluntary benefits, you can provide your employees with access to valuable services and allow them to create a well-rounded benefits plan without any direct cost to your company.

Reduced Turnover – It’s a fact. A robust benefits package will help reduce turnover. Voluntary benefits are a critical component to a well-rounded benefits offering.

Increased Employee Productivity – Certain benefits such as LegalShield will have a direct impact on the productivity of your employees. LegalShield will help your employees eliminate stress when personal legal matters occur or when they experience identity theft related issues.

Employee Appreciation – A proper voluntary benefits offering combined with effective benefits communication increase employee morale and are highly appreciated by employees. Your employees will thank you for giving them access to these services.

Simple Administration – Regardless of your past experience with offering voluntary benefits, the VISICOR team and administrative systems make it simple and hassle free. Guaranteed.

What options are available?

Other than the standard dental, vision, life, and disability coverage, the following plans have become very popular options with employees:

LegalShield – A dynamic benefit providing real solutions to common legal problems. Employees receive assistance with everyday legal issues and serious legal events as well as a robust identity theft protection plan.

Medical GAP – A perfect complement to a high deductible medical plan. A properly structured Medical GAP plan will help you lower the cost of your medical insurance and improve your benefits. This is a creative approach to lowering cost without sacrificing benefits.

Critical Illness – When employees are faced with a catastrophic illness such as Cancer, Heart Attack, Stroke, etc., the out-of-pocket cost and financial exposure is beyond reach for most. Faced with deductibles, coinsurance, lost income, and other health related expenses, a Critical Illness plan can provide a level of financial security unlike any other benefit offering.

Accident – Accidents happen…often! Employees see incredible value in supplemental accident plans which have become one of the most popular voluntary benefits available.


The simple answer to this question is results. We deliver a professional approach to voluntary benefits that delivers. We don’t play games with your organization or your employees. The VISICOR team understands the pressures on your company as well as the financial limitations facing employees. With this understanding, we design a custom solution specifically for your company and employees. Once designed, we handle all aspects including the implementation, communication, enrollment, and administration of your voluntary benefits. No games…just results.